domingo, 23 de diciembre de 2018

Genuine Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 9.7

Hi there!

As lovely people from the company whose product I'll be writing about in this post said, this blog is mostly about fashion items, fashion promotions and things related to the world of clothing, but we thought it would be interesting to mix things up a bit and talk about an item that is not a piece of clothing but we can't deny it's pretty stylish and would complement any outfit!

I am writing about this beautiful genuine leather case cover for Samsung Galaxy Tab
All products from are beautiful and seem of a very nice quality, but I've chosen this one because it's the one I liked the most. (It was very hard to choose, I must say!). This amazing case cover also comes in brown:

What I like the most about this cover is that it has straps, so you can carry your table as if it were a handbag, especially when your hands are full. I consider that a very useful feature of this product. Apart from being very pretty, it seems very comfortable. 
Another thing I find very useful about this leather case cover is that you can keep a couple of things in the inside. For example, as shown in the pictures, you can keep money, credit cards, pieces of paper that you might need later, etc. 
You can also use this case as a support for your tablet, so it would be more comfortable to use it.

I kindly invite you to learn more about this brand which I consider very original and innovative, so go and visit their website: or if you are more like a picture or instagram person, go and visit fyystore Instagram!

Let me know in the comments what you think about this product and/or other products from FYY.

lunes, 22 de enero de 2018

2018 Affordable and Stylish Dresses

Hello there, in today's post you will know about a company I've never written about before: Dresshopau. As you may have noticed by reading its name, this company is from Australia, but it, fortunately, ships to many other places. 

In this website, you can find wedding dresses, prom dresses, evening dresses, and cocktail dresses among others. 

To illustrate this post a little bit and show you more or less what this site offers, let me show you some dresses I picked for this post. 

I like this dress mostly because how it fits in the upper body. I know this is a wedding dress but in a different color and probably shorter, it could be great for another type of event. 
I like the color of this dress. However, you can choose a variety of colors for each dress in the website. The details in the chest make the dress even more elegant and suitable for prom. 

Not only the style of this dress but also the color are very cool for an evening dress. A pair of black shoes would suit this look appropriately. 

This is my favorite dress so far. I love the style and the length. Although this is a Cocktail dress, I think it can be used for prom or as an evening dress. 

This dress can also look very nice with black shoes, especially stilettos. 

That was a sort of illustration to show you the categories of dresses this company offers. However, within each of those categories, you can refine your search for the perfect even more. For instance, if you want to shop cheap bridesmaid dresses from australia, you can find that category in dresshopau and you may find dresses like this one: 

Isn't it gorgeous? I know, but that's only one kind I came forward with. You can find beach wedding dresses, formal dresses, and even maternity wedding dresses online.

I kindly invite you to visit their website and tell me how much do you like their dresses.

miércoles, 10 de enero de 2018

Wishlist #1 // SheIn //

Hey there! If you have followed me for a considerable amount of time you may know that I love making wishlists. So here's a quick post in which I share with you some of my favourite SheIn items this month. You can check them in more detail just by clicking the images. 
SheIn - Your Online Fashion Wardrobe
SheIn - Your Online Fashion Wardrobe SheIn - Your Online Fashion Wardrobe SheIn - Your Online Fashion Wardrobe SheIn - Your Online Fashion Wardrobe SheIn - Your Online Fashion Wardrobe
And here's the latest promotion I wanted to share with you: 

Celebrate for New Year

Get $10 off over $90        CODE: SMJ10
Get $25 off over $140      CODE: SMJ25
Get $35 off over $210      CODE: SMJ35

Happy New Year

Get ready to shop your favourite for new year party

Visit SheIn, you will be surprised

viernes, 5 de enero de 2018

#studyspo #studygram #stationery and #inserthashtaghere

Hi there!
First post of the year and as a new year has just started, I've decided to give shape to all the plans I've been thinking of in 2017. One of them was to give this blog a different shade since my interests have changed a bit over time and I've reconciliated myself with the fact that I love to study, I love stationery items and I love following study-related accounts everywhere.

I've always loved stationery and I've always loved the feeling of coping with homework, study material and classes. 
I remember when I was little, I asked Santa -or Papá Noel, as we call in in South America- not to bring dolls or fancy toys but to get me some pencils, pens, pencil cases, and all the stuff you can fill a desk with. 
That being said, I want to share this aspect of myself here with all the readers that come to this humble blog. It's not that I will stop posting the previous type of content, I just want to add this type of posts to my feed as I think they are very pretty and sometimes they can be interesting. I believe most of my readers are students and I don't know the rest of the people, but I personally get really motivated by seeing others' posts about their study sessions or their passing marks here and there.

Una publicación compartida de Studied, then succeeded (@studied_then_succeeded) el

Therefore, I invite you to follow my Instagram account (@studied_then_succeeded) totally devoted to this #studyspo type of content I am eager to share. Of course I've started posting a short time ago so you won't see a huge following and my pictures still need to be perfected but I hope you like it anyway :) if you have a studygram, feel free to comment and I will follow you back!