martes, 30 de agosto de 2016

My picks from Newchic

Millybridal Long Prom Dresses Newchic is a store with which I have cooperated before, and today I have the pleasure to cooperate again. Why is this a pleasure? because their products are nice and their customer service is excellent.

Today I picked some stuff I would like to order. The criterion I've used is a balance between price and quality.

1. Shirt // 2. Coat // 3. Scarf // 4. Boots // 5. Bag // 6. Necklace // 7. Earrings 

As you can see, this is a wishlist for autumn/winter. I'll be uploading my picks for summer/spring this week or the other. 

I would like to know what do you think. Which is your favourite product, what would you buy in this website

If you've missed my previous post in cooperation with NEWCHIC, click here.



miércoles, 24 de agosto de 2016

Online store discovering: StyleWe

Millybridal Long Prom Dresses If you take the time to see what the majority of my posts are about, you'll notice I share lots of websites, wishlists including clothes/accesories from different stores, etc. All of them express my unbiased thoughts, of course.
Here, I am showing you another website I've been liking a lot: Have you ever visited it? Bought something from it?
I didn't have the experience in trying something from their store, but I'd absolutely love to. If I had to choose, these would be some of the things I'd get:

When it came to looking for summer dresses in, I found it pretty difficult, that category is full of very pretty stuff <3 

Want to see more beautiful pictures like these? Follow StyleWe on PINTEREST!

miércoles, 17 de agosto de 2016

What I want from Dresslily

Millybridal Long Prom Dresses
Dresslily is a website I've been visiting often these days, and here's a selection of the items I found the most pretty: 

I encourage you to tell me what your favourite items are, mainly because in this website you can find the buyers' reviews which allows you to get a more real idea of what the clothes/accesories are like. Take a look at the reviews here:

sábado, 13 de agosto de 2016

♥ Tops for women by Fashionmia ♥

Millybridal Long Prom Dresses Dear followers and readers,
I want to show you some of my favourite tops from the website mentioned in the title above: Fashionmia.
In this online store you may find pretty womens tops. I found very trendy and cheap tops today while browsing through the website, I was thinking about showing 6 tops for women but I couldn't resist and pick a bit more, ups! haha

In the first line, I chose 3 casual tops. These are very wearable since they are pretty monochromatic.

1. CLICK // 2. CLICK // 3. CLICK 

Secondly, I chose 3 fashion tops with my favourite patterns: camo, tartan & stripes: 

4. CLICK // 5. CLICK // 6. CLICK 

And finally, I chose these trendy tops. The last two are so cool for spring which is the season I'm entering to! 

7. CLICK // 8. CLICK // 9. CLICK 

What I like about this website is that it not only has the measurements in inches, but also in centimetres. It is particularly important to be able to measure yourself  when it comes to buying tops online (or any kind of clothes), and it's simpler when you have there the unit of measurement you are used to.