miércoles, 17 de febrero de 2016

*Wishlist* Dresslink

Dear followers and readers,
as you may know, every month (sometimes twice a month) I write wishlist posts. These are my favourite posts to read and write.
This month I bring a selection I made from Dresslink. I hope you like the items I chose, and if you don't, go to the website and choose the ones you prefer!

1. Backpack 
2. Cardigan/sweater 
3. High Platform Retro Shoes
4. Blue Shirt
5. Cat Khaki Scarf

Tell me in the comments which items did you like the most, I'd love to know your thoughts.

martes, 16 de febrero de 2016

Wedding Dresses by Cocomelody

It's two days since Valentine's Day and it is true that many couples use that important date to get engaged or to talk about marriage. A wedding is such a memorable day in a girl's life and that's why many brides invest a lot of time in deciding which they'll wear that day!
If this is your case, I'll introduce Cocomelody to you, an online store in which you can find not only amazing wedding dresses, but also bridesmaid dresses, dresses for the bride's mother, men's wear and dresses for other special occasions like graduation or sweet 16's!
But I was talking about Weddings, that unforgettable moment in which you decide to say "yes, I do". Every lady may have her own personality, and therefore, everyone will choose something different when it comes to deciding what wedding dress is appropriate. In Cocomelody, you can find a wide variety of dresses, being my favourites  low back wedding dresses
To be honest, it's very difficult to choose a favourite backless gown, not only because they are all so pretty, but also because they all differ in length, silhouette, neckline, fabric. As I said, there is a dress for every taste at Cocomelody's website. 

Psst! I have a special sale for you! 

Use the code W25 and get $25 off to get your perfect dress!

viernes, 5 de febrero de 2016


As you could see in the previous post, I have received, among other things, a beautiful jumpsuit from Dresslink. I promised to upload more detailed pictures so as you could see how the clothing looks when you wear it.

Jumpsuit: dresslink // shoes: local store 

martes, 2 de febrero de 2016

Dresslink Review (part I)

Dear followers and readers.
Some weeks ago, I got contacted by the Dresslink staff and they offered me to collaborate with them. I was really happy to do that, so I accepted immediately.
Some days ago, the package arrived and I can't be happier with the quality of the items I received.

I decided to divide this review in two parts: the first one (this) will contain images of the clothing itself and the second one (that will be published tomorrow) will contain images of me wearing the clothes.

The products
The Dresslink staff gave me $20USD to spend in their shop including the shipping fee, and I could buy 3 items, which is great. Their clothes are cheap and of such a nice quality.

I loved the quality of this jumpsuit. I didn't expect it to be of such a nice material. And it is only $5.19!

Click here

I like it very much that this playsuit has nice finishings in the edges.

Click here

It has an invisible zipper on the back. It's such a nice detail in my opinion. 

Click here

Score: 5/5

The thing that I like the most about this top is that it looks exactly as it looks in the website.
It is made of such a nice quality fabric and I love the print.

Click here

Click here

In the inside of this top, you can find it has another piece of fabric which I guess was sewed to avoid making it transparent. Such a nice detail! 
In the above pic, you can also see how nice are the sewing finishings. 

Click here

Score 4,5/5

This scarf looks exactly as it looks in the website, but I was very surprised to find that it is so soft! It doesn't look so soft in the online store's pictures. 

Click here

Click here
 It can also work as a shawl because it's not very narrow.

Click here

Score 5/5 

Which of these products do you like the most? Have you got any experience shopping at Dresslink? I would love to read your comments.