viernes, 8 de enero de 2016


Today's post is about one of my favourite online shops:
About the website: 
* They have clothes and accessories for both men & women. 
                          - Bags for men & women
                          - Accessories
                          - Shoes 
                          - Jewelry 
If you want to save some money, go to the SALE and Clearance sections! 
* The products are pretty well organized and you can view or classify them according to your preferences (most/least relevant, price:lowest/highest, new arrivals)
* when you add items to cart, you can see approximately how much the shipping fee is according to what shipping method you'll choose. 

My favourite items from the website. 
It wasn't particularly easy for me to choose less than 50 or more products to create a wishlist (ha!), but I had to :( 

  • I have ordered the shoes in the first image and the bag in the second, so the next month I'll be able to write a detailed review of the product itself and the service, don't forget to read it! 

  • What would you order from Newchic? click on the link, pick your favourite item and let me know in the comments :)