domingo, 6 de diciembre de 2015

Landybridal: to design you better days

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As I love to share my favourite online shops/sites with you, I am sharing a so cool online store which cool Wedding Dresses: landybridal

As the slogan stands, "to design you better days", this website offers dresses varying in colour, size, shape, texture, style, etc. And you can tell by looking at the well-organized categories in which the dresses are divided. 

The nicest thing about landybridal is that they adapt to every lady's taste. For example, there may be those women who want their wedding to be something vintage, and they may want to dress according to the wedding's style. These ladies will go straight to this wonderful looking section of vintage lace wedding dresses. On the other hand, if you are of those who are always updated with the last trends and fashionable clothing, you may be one of those who will go straightforward to the wedding dresses 2016.

I personally don't follow trends and would love to buy a vintage dress, but as I said. It doesn't matter how unique or particular your taste might be, Landybridal has a choice for every bride.

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  12. Oh I know about this store,
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  13. oh a great store! i love it as well. I wish you added some of their items - it's a pure inspiration!

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