miércoles, 30 de diciembre de 2015

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Review

First of all, before I steal you more time, I want to point out what you'll find in this post:

- a brief description about the device.
- the best apps in my opinion (with my unbiased thoughts, obviously, I am not being paid by anyone for making this post)
- some tips and tricks that I find interesting.

I hope you find this helpful. I am not an expert in technology or something, I am interested in writing a detailed review post because before buying this phone I only found the prototypical review (and unboxing post) with the same technical details in each case.
I won't post an unboxing post because there's plenty of them on the internet and I wanted to have the phone for at least a couple of weeks to see how does it work, what apps do I like, etc. and make a more detailed and complete review.

The phone is quite big (144.8 mm x 72.1 mm) and the interesting thing is, that although it has a very good size, it doesn't get uncomfortable when it comes to typing on it, as it happens with other devices such as the "Samsung Galaxy Note(s)".
It has two cameras. The front camera is quite nice. It has a 5mpx camera to make selfies and a really funny effect to make yourself more beautiful, although if you overuse it, you end up looking like an alien. The "main" camera has 8mpx which is great! maybe the picture definition is not really different from my previous phone (Samsung Galaxy S Advance) which has a 5 Mpx camera, but it certainly catches the light and colours in a better way.
The design is quite nice, although the surface seems a very cheap plastic, but I like the fact that mine is not white or black, but dark grey.

My favourite apps are:
I love this game! It runs amazingly in this phone. And I love that now it comes with a new scene with snow and a different "monster".

With this app you can create songs based on a music template such as "hallelujah" and "jingle bells" but you write the lyrics!
By far the app for phone cleaning that has worked the best for me. It works as great as it works on the PC. I had installed CleanMaster in my old phone but actually it made it slower than it already was.
With this app you can create music. Of course, it is not as complex as professional music makers are, but if you do that as a hobby, it is ok.

This apps helps you to calculate the time the next bus will take to arrive (among other things).
6. ONCE 
The best period tracker in my opinion.

Tips & Tricks
By far, the best thing about this phone, in my humble opinion, is the "ultra power saving mode". I can't show you a snapshot to illustrate this feature, maybe because it consumes energy, I guess. But it limits your phone to the most basic needs you may have. It turns off the wifi, reduces the screen brightness, and it stops showing your wallpaper, among other things, so as to make the battery last longer. For example, with the saving mode, 53% could last for almost 8 days. That's such a great amount of time for a cell phone to stay alive haha.

martes, 15 de diciembre de 2015

Weekly Stuff

I don't have the habit to take a picture of everything I do, but last week I took my camera and captured some things I've been doing. I think it's a nice way to have things under control and to remember the things you do.

I have organised my baby's wardrobe, I love decluttering, I think it's a therapy for me, maybe a lot of you may feel the same...

I know I'm not the most organized person when it comes to study, but that doesn't count when you are writing down the answers in the exam, so who cares!? ahhahah

Enjoying the Spring's sunny days outside.

And the best thing comes at the end... my lady girl living her last days as an 11 months old! She will turn 1 year old next friday :3

What do you thinkg about taking pictures? 
Walking Freckle

miércoles, 9 de diciembre de 2015

December Wishlist

It's nine days since December started and Christmas is nearer and nearer. And traditionally, we are preparing to give and receive presents, so we're all looking in the local shops to see if we find by chance the perfect gift for our beloved ones, or... the gifts we want to receive.
In my case, I will show today my wishlist for this month, in which I include my favourite items from an online store I've been loving and which is called Dresslink.

As you may know, here in South America the Christmas season is not as it is in the movies, we don't have snow. Instead, we are in summer and temperatures can be really high here (it's not the case this year, fortunately). But, although I am not wearing warm clothes, I can't help thinking about a warm sweater, a cup of coffee and Christmas movies, so I picked some garments perfect for cold weather.

1. Hooded cape poncho style
2. Geometry design printed sweater
3. Faux leather  bodycon midi pencil skirt
4. Casual round neck plaid dress

I have also picked some accesories and shoes I found at an INCREDIBLE PRICE (yes, I'm serious about this)

1. Click here to purchase these snow boots (in many colours) for $0.99!
2. Click here to get these black boots for only $5.19!
3. Click here  to get any of the Harry Potter's houses scarf! for only $4.09
4. Click here to get this cool bag only for $3.69!

I hope you have enjoyed this wishlist and I kindly invite you all to click on the items and take a closer look to these cheap and great quality products Dresslink has to offer.

Comment down below which was your favourite item from my wishlist or go to the DRESSLINK page and choose the item you liked the most!

Hope you have a lovely thursday, as I do. See you in my next post.
Walking Freckle

domingo, 6 de diciembre de 2015

Landybridal: to design you better days

Dear followers and readers, 
As I love to share my favourite online shops/sites with you, I am sharing a so cool online store which cool Wedding Dresses: landybridal

As the slogan stands, "to design you better days", this website offers dresses varying in colour, size, shape, texture, style, etc. And you can tell by looking at the well-organized categories in which the dresses are divided. 

The nicest thing about landybridal is that they adapt to every lady's taste. For example, there may be those women who want their wedding to be something vintage, and they may want to dress according to the wedding's style. These ladies will go straight to this wonderful looking section of vintage lace wedding dresses. On the other hand, if you are of those who are always updated with the last trends and fashionable clothing, you may be one of those who will go straightforward to the wedding dresses 2016.

I personally don't follow trends and would love to buy a vintage dress, but as I said. It doesn't matter how unique or particular your taste might be, Landybridal has a choice for every bride.

sábado, 21 de noviembre de 2015

Lovely Wedding Dresses from CocoMelody

Although getting married it's not in my plans, I think that this is an important moment in your life and you have to be careful and detailed when it comes to choosing the clothes you're going to wear, the ornamentation and everything so it's aesthetically perfect.

If you are looking for the perfect dress for your wedding, CocoMelody is the online shop you are looking for.  They have a huge variety of dresses in their website: a-line wedding dresses, ball gown wedding dresses, trumpet or mermaid, sheath/column, among others. They even have beach wedding dresses, in case you want the most important day of your life to take place in the beach.

They have their webpage updated very often, and you can find the latest designs there! I invite you all to see the wedding dresses for next year: 2016 Wedding Dresses because a wedding is something that requires time and effort to be perfectly fixed and you may have yours next year...

I hope you find this interesting and useful.
Have a nice week.
Walking Freckle

lunes, 16 de noviembre de 2015

Spring is finally here

Yes, I know that you may be living a beautiful Autumn, but here, where I live, we are in Spring. Although in September 21st the season has changed, today was the first day in which it isn't cold and rainy. Climate is changing a lot lately.

I've been waiting a lot of time to use these comfy pants again. I bought them when I was pregnant and they fit me, but not as comfortable as they do now.

On the other hand, I've been really into studying lately. Final exams are coming and I can't wait to finish this academic year.

What have you been up to?

viernes, 13 de noviembre de 2015

Do not miss these chances!

We all love sales and that's why I want to share with you some of the best opportunities to fill your wardrobe with cute things without spending so much money.

SheIn Deals

Save up to 36% off orders $109+ at! Click for details – ends 11/17 Shop our unique Gift Guide at! US Gift Guide sale ends 11/19 Save up to 80% off on Party dresses at! Ends 11/20

Modcloth Deals

Bag Obsesion

After more than one year of having discovered almost all the online clothing store I now have in my list, I realised that the first thing I look for in those websites are bags and/or backpacks.
I don't know where this particular preference comes from but I don't have any problem with it, ha!

1. from Tidebuy
2. from Romwe
3. from Romwe
4. from Choies 
5. from SheIn
6. from Jexshop

This is an honest post with my unbiased thoughts, I didn't receive anything in exchange

sábado, 31 de octubre de 2015

Late Halloween

As here where I live we don't celebrate Halloween as enthusiastically as other countries in the world do, I didn't do anything special and therefore, I didn't were a costume. 

What did you do for halloween?

Don't forget to join my giveaway. You could win one of these items from Jexshop.
Find out more HERE.

miércoles, 14 de octubre de 2015

Jexshop Giveaway (win free item!)

Hello, dear followers and readers. Today I am holding a giveaways sponsored by Jexshop in which you can win one free clothing item. They have really nice clothes and a wide variety of styles to choose from.

About the website
There are many facilities you have in case you want to buy something from Jexshop:
Free Shipping Worldwide
  • Free shipping to more than 200 main countries, tracking online, door to door delivery.
  • 30-Day Money-back Guarantee
    Ask for a full refund within 30 days if you are unsatisfied with our items.
  • 15% Discount For First Order
    Get 15% off for your first order by using code JEX15.
  • Also, you can find a wide variety of products to choose from since they update their stock very often and they don't only sell clothes, but also phone cases, jewelry, human hair wigs and bags! My favourite section to browse when I discover a new shop is the "bag" section, I am a bag fan and I find their backpacks, bags and wallets very unique in terms of design.

    go and see it by yourself:
Let's go straight to the rules:
1. Like Jexshop's facebook page
2. Like my facebook page
3. Choose one item from: and comment down below with your facebook name and with the link of the chosen item.
4. The giveaway is worldwide and it will last 3 weeks. 

These are my favourite items.

Extras!!! (optional)
* follow me via GFC 
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This is an sponsored post from Jexshop with my unbised thoughts. 

viernes, 9 de octubre de 2015

Baby spam

Today it was cold and we went outside with this young lady and I thought the pictures I took this afternoon were worth sharing. I promise you will "awwww" a lot :3 

yuuup! I love my polka dot leggings!

viernes, 18 de septiembre de 2015

How to be a good mother and a successful student at the same time

Hello dear followers and readers.
It's been such a long time since my last post because I've been busier than ever. There wasn't really much time to write a blog post between uni, my baby and work.
Now, let's go to the main point:

How to be both a successful student and a good mother

It may sound a bit "impossible" or hard to achieve, at least, but I can ensure you that it is totally possible and not so hard to achieve as it seems.
As with many goals, one of the most important things you need is discipline and motivation, but I will give you some tips and tricks to keep those virtues up too!

We all know that being a mother involves a lot of responsibility, and so does to be a student. But there are many things you can do to make the journey less stressful and more enjoyable: 

  • Use the time in which your baby or toddler sleeps.
    It sounds a pretty obvious but this tip involves more than just "the baby is sleeping, let's do something I can't do while he/she is awake".
    Determine which things you can do with little or no concentration. In my case I don't need silence to clean, check my e-mail, tidy my bedroom or even reading some kinds of things I have to read. So, I use the time in which my baby is awake and playing or making those loud noises to do those activities that don't need me to be fully focused.
    On the other hand, I take advantage of her sleeping time to read complex texts, study and sometimes, when I need it, to take a nap.

Pssst!! You'll probably find yourself wishing to spend time with your little one once you have been studying an hour or so. (that happens to me!) 
  • Study with your kid(s). 
    Yes, it doesn't seem to be something possible, but if you have to read something to study, you can read it aloud and your baby will maybe be attracted to hear you speaking. I don't know how much would it last, but it is true that when you hear and think about what you say, you can remember it in a better way.
  • Find someone who can take care of your little one
    You should take your child to the nursery or you can find someone (maybe her/his father or grandparents) who is happy with the idea of minding him/her regularly. This is essential because you will eventually need to attend classes.
  • Try to have an income which doesn't demands you much time. 
    There are several scholarships for students and several other for students that have children. I got both of them. It's not much money but thanks to those little incomes, I don't have to work.
    I also give english/spanish lessons in my house (1 hour a day or something) and therefore, I  have a little more money to spend in not-so-necessary stuff. 
  • When it is time to go to bed, go to bed together. 
    You will need to be rested and in a good mood to study and/or attend classes. If your baby doesn't sleep through the night, don't worry, you won't be sleep deprived forever. 
  • Stay motivated.Think about how happy will you be once you finished your career or whatever you are studying. Every goal has a reward.
These are some things I do to achieve my goal. I hope you've found it interesting and useful, if you feel you can add another piece of advice, just write it down in the comments and I will love to read it.

viernes, 10 de julio de 2015

♡ CHOIES Sweater ♡

Hello dear followers and readers,
I am so happy to show you what came in the mail last week.
I won a free trial competition on the CHOIES WEBSITE. And I am more than grateful for being selected as a winner, so I will return the favour to them and spread the word to let you know how good their service is and how fun is to participate in their free trial!

I have nothing to complain about the service, the speed of delivery or the quality of the clothing itself. I was surprised when I found out that the sweater was exactly as it is shown in their webpage:

What do you think about this jumper? Have you ever bought something on Choies? What is your opinion about it? 

viernes, 22 de mayo de 2015

Cheap Lace Dresses! (and more)

Millybridal Long Prom Dresses Hello dear followers and readers,
today I'm showing you some interesting dresses which are cheap but really beautiful! (I couldn't decide which is my favourite yet!, that's something you are going to tell me)
You can find them in the following link:
As I said, it was imposible for me to find "my favourite" from the store, no matter how much time I spent in the site trying to find ir out, but at least, I chose the best of each page, in my humble opinion, of course. And with that being said, I invite you to browse on their website: Ericdress and see with your own eyes the nice things the store has to offer.

My personal favourites:

What I like about this dress:

Click here to see this mermaid dress more detailed.

What I like about this one:
*It's black! <3
*super wearable

See it with your own eyes here

This dress is nice because:
*it comes in many colours, including the one shown in the picture which I like a lot.
*it has long sleeves.
*buttons :)

Click here to find more about it

There are many things I like about this one:
*it's totally my style.
*Two colours
*lace above red <3 (all-time favourite of mine)
*the neckline is perfect.

Click here to fall in love.

...and the last one: (but not least important)

I like this one because of the sleeves, and the neckline. And it's a bit gothic :)
Click here

But wait!.I am happy to tell you that is not all I have to show you.
You can also find nice Swimwear and Pump Shoes in the website.
Click here for SWIMWEAR. Click here for PUMP SHOES.

And these are my favourite items:

What are your favourite items? 
Let me know in the comments!

jueves, 7 de mayo de 2015

J'adore by Dior

Hello dear followers and readers,
today I will be showing you one of my most recent purchases which I wanted to make a review of. I am talking about the perfume mentioned in the title of this post.
I am very satisfied with the quality of the product although it is, as you may know, quite expensive.

It came with a really nice travel make up bag which was a gift and I got it for free together with the perfume.

About the product itself:
* It last more than one day and a half. I bet that if I don't have a shower in two days, it would last until I do.
* I find the packaging so pretty. Especially the bottle. The box is rather simple but the bottle is very delicate. The only disadvantage of the bottle is that it needs to be taken from the tip from the box and I'm afraid of breaking it in the case the tip separates from the rest of the bottle.
* The smell is quite sweet but not *that* much. In my own words, it is "perfect".
It is extremely difficult to express the smell of something with your own words, but fortunately, a sample of this perfume is not hard to find.

Have you ever smell J'adore? What do you think about it? 

viernes, 24 de abril de 2015

Happy Birthday to me

I know the title sounds so selfish, but today is my birthday, and I'm really happy so I want to share it with you.
Even google made a Doodle for me *_*

And my little Merlina is 4 months old since last saturday, she's so grown up!

...and she's already teething. I guess it's a bit early. What do you think?
Sorry for the briefly post, time is something I unfortunately don't have, so...

See you in my next post, don't forget to let me know your thoughts in the comments <3